Sarah Triebe, St.Catharines EENA Student

Fiona has been an amazing lash educator to me. I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am in my business without her advice and training. I am able to message her anytime with questions and she often messages me with new tips to help me grow my business. I can tell she is interested in my business and she truly wants me to be the best I can be in the lash world. 

Catriena Kral-Joosse, Smithville EENA Student

I have had the honour to have had Fiona do my lashes almost 5 years ago. Since that time I have sent many people her way. The quality and attention to detail is unmatched. I have had my lashes done by several different people in the past and what sets Fiona aside is that she shares her wealth of knowledge when it comes to. proper maintenance and care. I admired her work so much that it encouraged me to also begin a career as a lash tech. Fiona has mentored me over the course of time and even when I was unable to do lashes due to my back pain associated with my pregnancy, Fiona continued to mentor and educate me. She was was very accommodating tony schedule and needs. There is no person I would trust with my lashes. Not just because she creates a very warm and welcoming environment for her clients. After one visit to her salon you feel as if you have known her for years. 

Andrea Wright-Champagne, Illinois EENA Student

Meeting Fiona through a facebook forum was career changing for me. As a new, struggling (and frustrated!) lash artist, I was searching for answers to problems online. Fiona readily answered any question I posted. Not only would she quickly answer a question, shed follow up with me later to see if I was understanding it and implementing it. I never felt like I was bothering her. What was amazing about this was there was no benefit to her. It was time she would take from her busy day to help a complete stranger. I paid a small fortune for my eyelash training and it was a great start but after the two day class there was no support and nowhere to ask questions. Fiona basicallyy took over where my formal training ended and really gave me the help I needed to actually be a good lash artist. That's been years ago and I still reach out to when I'm stumped and she is STILL there for me, ready to put her tweezers down and help a girl 1,500 miles away. Thank you Fiona, for being you! 

Rachel Rock, Burlington

Fiona has been lashing me for the last six years and I will go to her forever! I cannot wait to have her lash me for my wedding this summer. I have moved a handful of times while seeing Fiona and I had attempted to find lash techs closer to me and no one has measured up to Fiona's services, not even close! She creates such a relaxing atmosphere and the quality of her work is fantastic. I have never had a bad experience. I have had issues with my eyes in the past being sensitive to the glue and other technicians tried various techniques and nothing worked. I brought this issue up to Fiona and within seconds she changed the way my eye was taped and I have had a red eye since! I could not rave about her more, I would recommend her service to anyone and everyone! I don't think I will ever be able to stop getting my lashes done because Fiona makes me feel so beautiful! Lashes make such a huge difference! 

Allyson Slee, St.Catharines 

I didn't realize how having my lashes done professionally would make such a difference. Fiona is meticulous in her application process. I have received many compliments on how beautiful my lashes are!

Danielle Terryberry, Grimsby

Fiona was recommended to me by a friend after multiple lash services, I am hooked! She is highly experienced and personable. She gives me exactly what I ask for every time, full drama and Russian volume within an hour and a half. That was always my issue, finding a tech that could achieve this look without having to spend hours laying there and the quality of the lash is beyond anything I've received before. On top of her lash expertise, she is so down to earth and overall a great person. we have great conversations and she never gives you a hard time if you've lost a few too many lashes or have some extra makeup stuck to them (which I've been faulted for in the past.) I will not go anywhere else after my experience with Fiona- flawless lashes every time!

Patsy Beaton, Grimsby

​Fiona does an absolutely amazing job with my lashes. My lashes are very blonde and very fair and I have had other people do them before and have needed a fill within the week. When I go to Fiona, they are still looking great at 3 weeks. My friends always compliment how natural they look as well. It is always a great experience with Fiona as she makes me feel very comfortable and is very gentle with her technique. I also really enjoy the fact that not only is she amazing at what she does but she is very quick at it as well. It is very obvious that she takes a great deal of pride in her work!! Fiona has changed my life with lash skills and I recommend her to everybody I know!

Brittany Caravallano, Welland

​I will only get my lashes done by Fiona of Eyelash Extensions Niagara. Her work is unparalleled and I get asked on a regular basis where I get my lashes done, even by strangers! She makes you feel comfortable during your appointment, is a delight to talk to and I look forward to my appointments. It is like catching up with a friend and coming out looking fabulous. As a wedding coordinator, I recommend her to all my clients and I know they will be happy with their results!

Jamie Sinnett, Grimsby

I have been going to Fiona for my lashes for a few years. Prior to Fiona, I tried many places and was not able to achieve the look I was going for and they quite simply didn't have the saying power. From my first set with Fiona it was clear she knew exactly what I wanted and they lasted. I get numerous compliments by strangers all the time. They always look amazing even when I am need of a fill! On top of her quality work, she is fantastic to spend the time with. Personable, professional, and always someone that make you feel comfortable and want to catch up with. I would recommend Fiona  to anyone looking for lashes.

Katherine Issac, Hamilton

I highly recommend Fiona as a dedicated and an extremely competent eyelash technician. I regularly receive compliments on my lashes.

Lisa Battrick, Grimsby

​I have been going to see Fiona for 5 years now and I recommend her to everyone and anyone who compliments me on my eyelashes (which is almost on a daily basis, I work with the public.) ​Fiona is by far one of the most knowledgable, professional and a wonderful friend. Fiona has encouraged and taught other women who are passionate about the eyelash and eyebrolwindustry to learn and start their own businesses and have become successful. The Niagara region is truly blessed to have such a wonderful lady in the industry and helping us ladies always look our best. 

Jodi G, Grimsby

Fiona does the most amazing lashes! She is always open for appointments when I need a last minute lash. She is so friendly and I always get so many compliments on my lashes. Five stars for this lady! 

​Justine Terryberry, Smithville

​Fiona has been doing my lashes for about 6 months now and I've never been happier! She is the most accommodating and experienced lash techs. She is willing to work with you and give you a nice natural lash or a little bit more drama. I am never disappointed with her work and always get many compliments on my lashes! She is very personable and always makes me feel comfortable and confident in her abilities. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone with her wide range of skills she can achieve many different looks for your lashes!

Jennifer Harris-Matheson, Grimsby

If I'm being completely honest, I never thought lash extensions were for me. We have all borne witness to beautiful women walking around and you're like "yup those are fake." Seriously, botched eyelashes are an epidemic! This all changed when I bumped into an old friend from high school. She looked like she could be on the cover of Vogue. I couldn't help but ask what products she was using. She put me in touch with Fiona and I have been a faithful client for over year now. Let's just say I've been told once or twice I'm a little high maintenance. Makeup, clothes and accessories- Only spend my money on the best. Trust me, I've done the research for you. Fiona Eyelash Extensions Niagara is the creme de la creme.

Leslie McNeil, St. Catherines

Fiona is truly a master lash technician- but she is also so much more than that. Her passion for her work is really evident in how she mentors others in her craft. Fiona treats everyone with respect and her enthusiasm is infectious! I learned so much (and had so much fun) during her seminar, and highly recommend her to anyone interested in getting their lashes done, or in learning how to properly apply lash extensions. 

Jackie Irish, Grimsby

​Fiona came highly recommendedby a friend and has been doing my eyelashes for about.a year. I am thrilled with the results! I was finding that as I was getting older, my beautiful long lashes seemed to be getting shorted and more sparse. I tried many different types of mascaras for lengthening and fullness, but nothing seemed to achieve the look I wanted. Thanks to eyes now pop! She chose the perfect lashes for me, that weren't too long but gave the fullness that I needed. My extensions have now become a regular part of my beauty regime!  

Sandie Feest, Beamsville

I have been getting my lashes done by Fiona for at least 6 years. She has seen me through every imaginable lash request: vacation, over the top lashes, cat eye flicks, nice professional business lashes, thick and fluffy volume sets and even lashes "to make me feel better". Never once has she disappointed me. Her work is extraordinary and I always love the results. Fiona herself is a wonderful person. She is always professional with her scheduling and her work area. But most importantly she herself is a dream. I look forward to every appointment because I know I will be treated so warmly. Anyone can take training and provide a service. If I wanted that I could go anywhere. But I want to have my lashes done by someone that is so passionate about their work that you can feel it. Someone who is always learning and evolving and who strives to keep getting better. Fiona is so talented and dedicated to what she does. Her artistry is evident. All of her clients are walking canvases, proudly showing off the work that Fiona so lovingly does. 

Kerenda Wabsoso

It's my opinion that in addition to being one of the best technical lashers in the industry Fiona is also such a wonderful person. She is warm and kind and such a good listener, she is flexible and always open to and welcomes my point of view regarding my lashes and trying different techniques. Above all else, haven't you all noticed that she exudes a sense of calm? It's actually a tangible feeling which immediately invites me as the client to feel welcome and relaxed. Thats a gift... some people have it and some people don't. Fiona you have it! You are consummate professional in your field and deserve so much recognition for what you do, you uplift and empower women, you make us feel beautiful, special, you are our therapist sometimes. Above it all, you always maintain the highest sense of professionalism and keep the client at the centre of this wonderful experience/service you offer us all. A huge thank you to you Fiona which is only a token of our collective gratitude for the way you enrich our lives.

Anna Plant, Smithville 

​I've been going to Fiona for well over year now. Fiona is so very kind and welcoming every time I go. She has such fine eye for detail when applying my lashes, she takes her time and perfects my look. My lash extensions save me time in the morning and give me that extra boost of confidence throughout my day. Fiona is so very talented at this art, she is such a hard worker and a kind individual. 

Sheena Jocelyn, St. Catharines EENA Student

I'm writing this to do a review on Fiona McNeil on the lash course the she had taught me. I have been going to Fiona for 4 years to get my lashes done, when I asked her about where she  had her training done and if she could reccommend any good places, she had told me that she was going to do a lash training course and if I could wait then I would learn just as much if not more with her. And she wasn't wrong. I went into class with an open mind and willingness to learn. I left with knowledge and understanding of what I should be doing for my clients and what they are looking for. The two-day course that I took with Fiona has left me with nothing but hope, joy and pride for what I've learned to do. Not only has Fiona given me one on one time to understand things that I may not have understood fully or missed. I would reccomend Fiona McNeil to anyone, as a mentor as well as a teacher for this course. I cannot wait to start my new journey with all the knowledge and information she has given me. 

Lisa Paduano, Grimsby

​I have been getting my lashes done by Fiona for several years and by far she is the best I have ever had . She is extremely talented and my lashes make me feel as beautiful as they are. I will never have anyone touch my lashes she is an amazing person, extremely experienced and number 1 lash expert in my books! 

Marina Morreale, Hamilton

​I have been Fionas client for 2 years and I am treated with exceptional service each time I visit her. Fiona is a highly talented lash artist that uses only the best lash products for her clients. Eachtime I go for an appointment, she creates a warm environment with her friendly, personable attitude and applies lashes with amazing care and skill. The lashes feel completely natural, with the perfect amount of volume and her skill is truly an art. from personal experience , I can attest that she leaves her clients feeling confident and beautiful! I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone hoping to find a highly professional and talented lash artist that they can trust. 

Kate Duffy, Grimsby

​Ever since I started going to Fiona for my lashes over year ago, I have continued to always be more than happy with her work. Her professionalism and expertise really shows and I always get compliments on my lashes. She really listens to what look you are hoping to achieve and I have never been left dissapointed. not only is she an amazing lash technician but her warm and genuine personality make my visits so enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend Fiona to anyone who is looking for the best in eyelash extensions. 

Jody Penney, Grimsby

Fiona of EENA is the best lash tech I could ask for. She really has a knack for customizing the perfect look for me. I have been going to Fiona for 4 1/2 years and still get compliments on the beautiful and natural look of my lashes. Fiona has an amazing talent and is committed to her clients and profession. I highly recommend her. if you want great lashes, Fiona is who you need to see! 

Karen Koop, St.Catherines 

I have been a client of Fionas for three years now. She is very talented, personable, flexible with her booking times and at a reasonable price point. I am always pleased with her work. I recommended Fiona to my sisters and now they are hooked too. I went to another studio once and it was a disaster my lashes are turning upside down within three days. Never happens with Fiona! 

Kim Y, St. Catherines

For the last three years, I've had luscious lashes thanks to Fiona's artistry. she is highly skilled and uses only the best quality products. I trust Fiona implicitly! 

Carolin Muraca, Grimsby

Love getting my lashes done by Fiona! She is wonderful at her job, I always leave looking fabulous!

Deb Reid, Grimsby

About a year ago, I got my first set of eyelash extensions from Fiona and absolutely love them! I was lucky to find such a talented person. she was highly recommended to me by my work colleagues, hairdresser and others. Fiona is so knowledgable and accommodating and her lash work is by far the best I've seen. I have received numerous compliments from friends, family and even strangers asking for her information! I'm in my late 40's and she was able to make my lashes thick and full while looking very natural. I never have to wear mascara or eyeliner and I'm super happy with her work. Bottom line- her prices are reasonably , her work is amazing and she does all this in record time with patience and kindness. I love my lashes!!! 

Terena Jacques

Fiona is a true professional. From the moment you meet this artist she is quickly looking at your own features and listening to what your hopes are for your lashes. The way that she is able to work with everyones lashes to make them look their best is outstanding. I have tried many different looks from Russian volume to everyday full lashes, and I have loved them all. Fiona makes sure that you know how to care for your lashes, provides you with the brushes for day to day care and is always happy to answer any questions. I have had my lashes done by Fiona for over 2 years and her flexibility when "life happens" is something that I appreciate most about her. She is a true professional, who is committed to her clients looking their best and an incredible lash artists who's work stands out from the rest. I highly recommend. 

​Lori Steacy

I've been to several lash extension experts and Fiona is by far the best! If you've never had eyelash extensions, SEE FIONA! If you want something unique or dramatic or just want a classic look, book with Fiona! you will love her and you will be very happy with your lashes. 

Dawn Kalailieff, Fonthill

I have been getting my lashes done for over a year now and she never disappoints. I constantly receive compliments on my lashes. She is always professional and accommodating  with scheduling. I drive a half an hour to see her and is well worth it. I have recommended her to numerous friends and they are all very happy with her work. Love my visits with Fiona!

Kelly Quinn, St, Catharines 

Fiona has been doing my lashes for five years. Her attention to detail and professional manner have been consistent which makes the quality of her work and her service outstanding. she lashes many people that I know, each one has a customized look to their preference which is evidence of both her skill and  talent . I know many people, myself included, would not ever consider going to anyone but Fiona!

Hollie Spencer, Grimsby

​Fiona is the best lash techniqician in the Niagara area. I will not go anywhere else! She is the only one I trust with my lashes. She is reliable, responsible and knowledgable. She does a wonderful job every time. The setting is calm and tranquil. Fiona has a warm, soothing voice, with a friendly and gracious demeanour . I always leave with great looking lashes. Additionally, her prices are reasonable. I recommend Fiona.  

Nicole Cournoyer, Stoney Creek

As a lash client of Fionas, I've been nothing short of amazed by her artistry and professionalism. I couldn't be happier with the quality of work and Fiona's sense of perfection! My lashes have never looked better! She has truly transformed my face and I love how I don't have much to do in the morning in terms of make up etc. Fiona you are the best!

Le-Anne Bennett- EENA STUDENT

​It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to share with you my genuine, heartfelt appreciate for my teacher, my mentor and my friend Fiona McNeil.
I was first introduced to Fiona when  I followed her on a multitude of eyelash forums on facebook.  I was impressed with her attitude and how professional and passionate she was about the industry.  I knew instantly that she was the person with whom I wanted to train with. 

I have never met anyone who is as genuine, forthcoming, knowledgeable ,sincere and giving as Fiona.   After the  completion of her  detailed course Fiona has kept me under her wings of knowledge;  allowing me many many times to sit with her while she performs her service on clients.   This opportunity to  observe and ask questions in real life has helped me immensely in fine tuning my skills.  Fiona takes this approach with any and all of her students.  Her passion, knowledge and genuine desire to help others is a quality we don’t get to see much of these days. 

As a single mother of 3 active children, a full time lash technician, trainer and hands on approach of ensuring all her students have open access to her knowledge ; Fiona’s energy and giving seems to have no bounds.  Just yesterday Fiona shared with me an idea she had of giving back to her community.  A near future goal of hers ;is to reach out to her local woman’s shelter to offer her training free to empower other women to be as independent as herself.  As she selflessly stated.” giving back to my community is my way of showing appreciation for what I have been blessed with”    These qualities are what makes a leader.  


Fiona, FiFi, Friend, Super Mom, and Mentor -I cannot even begin to say enough about Fiona at Eyelash Extensions Niagara! I have been getting eyelash extensions with Fiona since she started up her business many years ago. During my what we would call "lash dates" I would always pick her brain and ask questions about the industry. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to train through EENA in 2017 to become a certified lash technician allowing me to have Fiona always in my back pocket. Hard work and dedication is shown in all of her lash sets. She goes above and BEYOND making each lash set bespoke. Her knowledge of the industry is always the most up to date with styles and techniques, allowing the client to get the most out of their set.  Fiona lashes from early hours in the morning until late hours in the night yet still finds the time to answer my multiple questions through texts from adhesive and product information to room temperature advice etc. Fiona is always trying to find ways to improve herself whether it is taking an hour out of her day to practice her fans or watch newly uploaded youtube videos/lash forms. She is constantly updating me with all her new tips and tricks she has just come across and I am beyond grateful for her knowledge and advice. Not only does she strive to continue to have an extremely successful business herself, but she also wants to see the same for her students. I am so grateful to have Fiona not only has my lash tech, but a mentor as well. She is the definition of LASH BOSS and I owe her everything ! 

Tracey Lynn Brown

I’ve been a lash client of Fiona’s for approximately 5 years. After getting my lashes done for about a year, I expressed an interest in a possible career as a lash artist. She was so excited and encouraged training with a tech she knew. After training and being a new to the business Fiona has been there in every way! She allowed me to watch her, she shared all her suppliers and more... and at no cost! After a few months of beginning my new lash business Fiona trained me advanced techniques ( light volume, eye shaping etc..) Without her I don’t know if I’d ever would have made it! Her constant strive for excellence and dedication to natural lash health, her passion as an artist is inspirational! I continue to be a client of Fiona’s .  Whenever I’m getting a fill with Fiona I feel as though I’ve had another training session!! She shares everything, nothing is secret. Nothing out of bounds- extensions, tweezers, lighting, methods, designs, even how to take a picture! She also encourages continued training and has passed on and invited me for more volume ( Russian, mega-volume) training with other lash artists. She’s boundless in information and also quite modest about her own talent which shocks me!! Cause she’s so great, truly! She loves the lash extension business and is a true entrepreneur- what can I say— she’s just the best! 

Tammy Burt-Uzelac- EENA STUDENT

In June I started my lash journey as a certified lash technician at the EENA Lash Academy. I'd known Fiona for many years already since we had met in high school so I trusted her implicitly. My love for becoming a lash tech grew rapidly through the endless hours of watching many videos suggested by her and all the time spent leaning over her shoulder as she mentored me. I was so fortunate to have her by my side and her skills and patience with me being a new student was inspirational. I wouldn't have been able to gain the respect and confidence that I now required if it wasn't for the leadership she provided. Not only did she teach me professional and efficient ways to craft beautiful lashes, she made herself available 24/7 to assist me. Her love of the business and her need to help empower other women to succeed and that has been the reason I am excelling in my art and new obsession. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from her and call her my friend. I owe it all to her and couldn't have done it without her. 

Aileen Seeger

​Fiona has been my best friend for 25 years. We began our first lash course together 7 years ago!  Within a few months of our certifications Fiona had established a steady growing clientele and  her lash work for a beginner far exceeded mine. Within a year Fiona was far better than myself and everyone else in the area. I struggled as a newbie and she rocked it out the park in her quality. Some of us learn to lash well over time, Fiona was truly gifted from the very beginning.
We spent endless hours at night sharing anything online we could soak up. Fiona kept getting better and better at her craft. The more classes we took the better she became. She quickly became a consist voice on a top lash forum as a admin. Her knowledge is overwhelming but she is very skilled at assessing a students level of comprehension to adjust her way on teaching. Since my progression was slower, Fiona took her time showing me methods and troubleshooting difficult clients with me. Anytime I asked her to help me she would offer her time and expertise to hover me while I demonstrated a new technique. She continues to mentor me to this day and we thrive in our lash academy because of our dynamic as teachers and mentors. She has mentored many lash artists and has a large quantity of lash artists as clients as a result of her knowledge. Fiona is selfless, just this week she asked me consider free training to women’s shelters to help single moms etc to strive for more. She sacrifices sleep, answers all her students texts and questions and runs and thriving lash studio. Fiona is a big fish in a small pond when it comes to her craft,and I truly consider her a top lash master, educator and mentor. I’m proud to be her friend and incredibly impressed by how much this industry has given her
confidence and passion even through adversity.